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Beach Life Cornwall


Handmade Cornish Crafts from the beach


Welcome to Beach Life Cornwall

If you are looking for fairly priced unique handmade Cornish crafts that capture the essence of the Beach then you have come to the right place!

Whether you're a local beach lover or someone who has visited our beautiful county and want's to take a piece of Cornwall home with you, Beach Life Cornwall is just for you!

We offer a wide range of beach themed products from Driftwood Mirrors to Shell Mosaics and so much more! Why not take a look and see how our products could bring that beach feel into your life or make that perfect unique gift!

All our materials are sourced locally in Cornwall, cleaned and crafted by hand to produce individual unique pieces.

If you don't find what your looking for or you fancy a variation on any of our products please feel free to contact us as we are more than willing to custom make products to your requirements, as long as we have the materials!

We hope to see you again! Check back later to see what new products we have to offer.

There's always more to come!

About us


I originally set Beach Life Cornwall up in March 2012 after many years making items for my home and as gifts as a hobby. I love the beach and feel that having a little piece of it at home brought the beach to me! Originally inspired by gift shops around Cornwall and seeing peoples interest I decided that I wanted others to be able to have that special unique keep sake themselves.

My Husband and myself source raw materials from a number of local beaches which enables me to produce a range of unique handmade crafts straight from the beach.   All driftwood and little gems that we find are thoroughly cleaned and bleached to ensure that any tiny bugs are removed. The driftwood is then dried and stored ready to use as part of our unique creations.   All the items we find are sorted into their homes within the workshop and then carefully selected to be used as a part of each piece then are lovingly pieced together to become Beach Life creations. The hours seem to just fly-by! As each piece of driftwood through to each individual shell are all different you will find that your little piece of Cornwall is one of a kind! 

We can be seen beachcombing at dawn on a number of local beaches, so if you see us feel free to come over and check out what we have found!

If you would like to collect in person to avoid postage costs please feel free to ask and we can arrange a collection day and time and the postage costs can be removed!

Please Note; Driftwood due to its nature can come in all different sizes, shapes and textures. For safety reasons please note that it is not a toy and may not be suitable for young children.


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